Dedicated to the success of your project

Over the past 25 years many developers have paid me from $4,650.00-$7,500.00, plus my expenses to travel to their project to help them become successful.

The advent of the internet and the cell phone has changed the way a consultant such as myself can help a developer with his/her project. 

With most projects today an overview along with pictures plus the internet allow me to provide work from my office that could only have been done in person years ago. I’m very comfortable providing expert advice utilizing today’s technology.

Recognizing this I have completely revamped the way I assist developers today. The cost of my services have been sliced by 75% or more and I don’t have to fight the airlines. It’s a win-win. 

Learn how/if I can help you with a Simple Phone Call 

Fractionalize To Maximize logoBecause every project is different, a complimentary “first call” discussion with the developer will determine my fees for helping to ensure success.

Once committed, I dedicate my services to the developer, spending the necessary time to make their project successful. I limit my work elsewhere, never working on more than two projects simultaneously.

My work will require assistance from the developer regarding collateral pieces; community fact finding/gathering while setting forth their Fractional vision to me on paper & during telephone calls.

The majority of my time required on most projects is spent at my phone and computer in my office, although I will be always be available upon short notice to personally meet on property at the developer’s request.

We strive to understand the Developers mission and goals

  • What is the Timeline of his/her project?
  • Does he require front-end financing?
  • Will he need end-user financing?
  • Will it be completed in phases?

I have the answers to:

  • Legal, HOA,  Management Company, Housekeeping/cleaning company, how often and at what cost to owners.
  •  Home Owners Association (see legal) and what all of those duties entail?
  •  Maintenance fees: What are they? When and how/when they are to be paid?
  •  HOA is eventually controlled by the owners?
  • Insurance for Fractional project and much more…