Below is a list of Fractional Real Estate, last updated December the 22nd, 2022. I will update this list every month.

The Alohas

1/8th to I/4 ownership mainly across India, with actual deeded ownership. They have a vast array of homes and locations, effectively opening more of the world to this exciting concept.

Elite Destination Homes


This 17-year-old company originally focused on rentals but also offers fractional ownership. Mostly high-end homes across the globe. 1/12th-1/8th shares, unique in that their owners start anew each year making their reservations for the coming year. Can exchange within their system.

The Hideaway Club


Founded in 2007, the club has homes around the world. Their business model is that of a club but their members (400 & counting) own equity in their portfolio, creating a unique fractional ownership opportunity.


Dozens of high-quality home locations throughout Spain and the Mediterranean and growing fast, looking to expand. 1/8 ownership. Members are assured 44 days of use each year.


New in 2022, Sonhaus fractional ownership opportunity. Very beautiful, exclusive and expensive luxury homes. Locations in both city & country. Currently offering 130 properties. Looking to expand.

Luxury Home Exchange

One of the best and oldest exchange companies in the world. They have an array of castles, homes, resorts, and even the Presidential Yacht, Sequoia. Owners exchange with one another. They also act as the “exchange component” of several larger fractional ownership companies.


1/8th to ¼ ownership. High-end European company, across 16 countries and growing. They are expanding into other countries, looking toward North America.

Third Home

This company arrived around 2015, prior to all the latest hubbub of fractional ownership. Their members rent and exchange amongst one another. Expanding their business, they elected to partner with select new fractional ownership programs, adding value to the fractional buyers’ benefits.


This is a different approach to traditional fractional ownership. This company has built a platform like any trading company. Investors can invest as little as $1,000.00 to get into the luxury home fractional marketplace. Your investment will allow you to use the home a few days or weeks for vacation.


This is a rather new company to North America. Headquartered in Mexico City. In 2021, they obtained $56m from a hedge fund allowing them to acquire luxury homes at a faster pace. The majority of their current home locations are beachfront across Mexico; they are now buying in the United States and Canada. They offer a 1/8th ownership.


This company is growing. They encourage you to find a home you love. They, in turn will find your fractional partners. You then own a share or two in the home you fancied. Old concept with a bit of a different twist.

With more than $70m funded across 200 homes this company is different and upward bound. In fact, they are at this time sold out of inventory! Investors buy shares of rental homes; they buy as much as they want to own. The property is then rented to vacation folks or long-term renters.

Fractional Villas

Hundreds of fine, luxury homes scattered across the globe. The company is one of the fractional real estate originals, growing their business at a rapid pace over the years. 1/8th ownership. City, beach, and mountain locations.

Equity Residences

Dozens of luxury homes around North and South America and the Islands. Offer different levels of investments. They are aligned with two luxury exchange components resulting in vacations the world over with Thirdhome and Elite Alliance Elitealliance

Elite Alliance

One of this industry’s oldest and best luxury fractional companies. Fine luxury homes scattered across the globe. They have also created an exceptional fractional exchange program.Their exchange program is utilized by other luxury fractional properties creating extra value for their owners.


They are located across Europe with fine curated luxury homes. Within their model they first “gather up” potential owners allowing them to invest in various levels of “ownership collections”. This allows buyers to select just what they need for their vacation or investment.

Fractional Group

A deluxe luxury fractional real estate company from the UK. They offer properties located in the UK as well as Italy. Their plans are to grow the company in a responsible way. Buyers can purchase however many shares they wish of a home and the title is taken as deeded ownership.

Nelson Family Estates

A family operated luxury homes and apartments company located on the U.S. west coast. They feature properties along the coast in California and Hawaii. Owners may buy 1/6th or 1/8th.


Very high-end curated, exclusive estates, homes, and villas across the U.S. Shares size can be from 1/8th to ½. Most shares are from $800K to well over a million. The offering says that after one year of ownership you’re welcome to transfer your ownership to another property or sell your shares.

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