What sets us Apart

Luxury Homeowners Success Plan

I have taken my past 25 years of fractional Real Estate experience and condensed it into a neat box called “Fractionalize to Maximize”.

In the past developers paid me to travel to their projects across the globe to ascertain the feasibility of their project and vision.

But today, with most of my projects I can get a clear picture as to what their plan and vision are simply by reviewing their documents, executive summary, drawings and reviewing their projected numbers.

The advent of the internet and the cell phone has changed the way a consultant such as myself can work with and guide a developer with his/her project from my office, work that could only have happened in person years ago.

I’m very comfortable providing expert advice utilizing today’s technology and confident I can deliver a winning game plan.

Over the past few years, I have become the person industry professionals recommend helping luxury homeowners fractionalize their home, thus I have created a fun productive way to help folks who prefer to DIY.

The Fractional revolution going on today with large companies snaping up luxury properties intending to re-sell the home in shares or fractions is one of the hottest businesses in real estate today. Yes, they are taking the “excess profit” you had in your home with only a thank you for selling to us.

There are many luxury homeowners who don’t wish to be a part of that crowd see Pacaso and prefer to do this themselves saving and earning much more money from the sale of their property. I created this “box” to assist luxury homeowners who might wish to consider converting their home into fractions or shares in order to facilitate a faster sales cycle while increasing profit after sale.

Many of my owners who have studied this business model successfully have continued applying it to more luxury homes creating a new business for themselves. With you having the contents of my box in hand and me as your mentor, we will work together using e-mail, photos and cell creating a very saleable home in fractions.

All at a price we can both live with very well.Sherman.
sdpotvin@gmail.com 802-578-8631